What we want in the rainforest

The Loggers

what we want from the rainforest

What my group of people want out of the rain forest is mostly the wood from the forest. We want the land because we want to cut down most of the wood and use it for stuff like benches and tables and bowls lots of stuff we use around today. Last if we get the rain forest we will repopulate the trees and help the economy get better.

What will happen when we get what we want

Here's a paragraph of what will happen when what we get happens and what will happen when we wont to

If we get what we want from the government we will help the planet with all of the wood and if we lose the rain forest there will be sapling falling from the trees that will plant and make more. Next if we don't get what we want then the wood supplies will run out and so will the economy will go down big time. Last if all the trees in the world are gone and there are no saplings then we will most likely lose lots of are oxygen and most likely die after that.