Make me a European

About me

My name is Anđela. I'm 16 and I live in Zagreb.

How it is to be Croatian?
I'm really proud of being Croatian. We are little country in Europe. We have demanding school program, that is reason why we don't have much time for parties but of course we are not always so busy. Being Croatian is nice because we have amazing place where we can go and food is amazing.

Food in Croatia

Croatian cuisine is heterogeneous and is known as a cuisine of the regions, since every region of Croatia has its own distinct culinary tradition.
My favorite food is: cremeschnitte.

School subject

  • We have 16 subject.
  • Latin is required for two years.
  • My favorite subject ist psychology.

About my school (IX. gimnazija)

  • Our high school has possibility to learn four languages ​​: English, German , Italian and French .
  • Our library has more then 5000 books.