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Why Kids Shouldn't Skip School

What Should and Shouldn't Kids Skip School For

The big reason why kids should stay home is sickness. No one wants to spread their germs to another person, no matter how bad you are sick, tell me about it. Another is major injury. If you are injured so bad you cannot concentrate, you don't need to be here. Another is a close relative that has passed on suddenly that day, that will come as a shock and that shock will prevent you from going to school, same applies to surgery.

If you are tired, you still need to go to school and learn, it's your own fault you are tired! Another is simply not wanting to go, BIG NO GO! Never do that! The final reason is that people fake sickness or injury to skip school, that is just a complete sin!

CCMS Attendance Count by Focus Class for November

Brooks: 90.77%

Buchanan: 91.15%

Byers: 96.35%

Carter: 93.75%

Clay: 90.48%

Crouch: 95%

Davey: 94.05%

Fischer: 95.45%

Gonzalez/Waite: 87.83%

Havig: 89.29%

Hisaw: 94.94%

Katzenberger: 93.5%

Lampert: 96.88%

Layne: 94.32%

Lea: 96.31%

Meadows: 94.5%

Modin: 95.54%

Moroukian: 94.27%

O'Gorman: 91.03%

Parker: 96.55%

Pepper: 94.25%

Shinkle: 94.25%

Simmons: 95.92%

Stefanek: 93.45%

Turrell: 90.79%

Walker/Ramos: 91.93%

Zielaskowski: 91.85%

Zywicke: 91.48%

~Ivy Cater