CDC: Air pollution

By: Tiera Powell

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How to prevent Air pollution!

We could prevent forest fires by having like an plan b just an case there is a fire you would know how to get the help right away. We can not breathe in the volcanic ash by having mask on. Another way we could prevent air pulltion is by not having the car engine for long. Also, the gas from the factories, we could again prevent air pulltion by not having it go into the sky
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How Air pollution Effects Your Health

Air pollution Effects your health just by how much chemicals are in the air and how much we breathe in until someone notices things are happening to people ( effects their breathing) and would soon seek a solution to the problem. You could have some respiratory problems with air pollution like getting asthma.

National and global government issues of Air pollution.

The government wants to try and help society to prevent anyone of getting any diseases from like air, water pollution or any toxic waste that could be exposed to the U.S. They would also like to make society better in the future by having everyone be paying a lot more attention and more caring to the earth. Air pollution Was another issue to the 2000's Because of some natural resources Not growing! Like Flowers and herbs that people plant were getting damage by the Pollution in the air.
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How to help Air pollution

We could reduce to any human ex poser to car engines relating to air pollution. We could start using sun powered cars or start walking or even riding your bike to get to places which is not only a better choice for the air but you would also loose some weight and get some exercise. We can start Reducing vehicle miles traveled.
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Post. And neg. Ways Air pollution effects the health status

There is no really a positive solution to air pollution while air pollution impacts your heath, respiratory and breathing patterns. You can get a lot of things juts by breathing in air pollution that are negative is Cancer clusters, asthma, and carbon monoxide. And hopefully soon, we wont have to worry about those things happening to us because We might find better, safer and healthier ways to do things that caused Air pollution.