Great Danes

M'Kinley Wesley-6

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Great Danes are Great Dogs!

These playful dogs have many different colors. They might be fawn, brindle, a light blue, or harlequinn. There weight is about 140-200 for a male and 140-175 for a female. And they could get very tall. They were developed in Germany. About 11,00 are registered for the United States and 700 for Canada. Great Danes are the largest dog breed in the world by life and size. They could way up to the size of a grown man or be larger than a ponie. A fun fact is that theese danes some times sit like people.

What is the biggest dog in the world?

The biggest dog in the world is Bently he is 5 years old and 38 inches high.He weighs 228 pounds. He has to eat a lot to get full. The secound largest dog was Zeus. He is in the Guinness World Record books and the owners say that he is playful and very protectove.


Wobblers Syndrome

Wobblers Syndrome is a disease that goes for large breed dogs that causes dogs to not work correctly. You may think that it is not a big deal but it really and truly is. From this your dogs back legs start to drag and they start to fall a lot. Also the bills from the vet will be a big differce, beacase of that not only are the bills large you have to pay for shots too.

So you are Thinking About Getting a GREAT DANE ?


These dogs are sweet hearts. They need a lot exersize to become big and healthy. They need a lot of food. As a dog they need to get socialized when they are a puppy. If you have a dog other have a great dane you will see a substantial amount. You need to make sure you have a big taxi. When they are a puppy you need to potty train them lot. Also if you switch dog food it might take a while for them to get used to new dog food. Dog toys you might get are something that would have a squeaker or some thing chewy. Some tips for when you train them is to use dog treats.