Troop 11558


Hello Girl Scout Families:

We had a wonderful time last meeting learning about healthy, flavorful and fun snacks and we earned the Snacks Badge. We also worked on our Haiti poster for International Fest (more info below).

We had fun:

•Making milkshakes with strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, pineapple, and of course, sprinkles!

•Cutting and gluing and planning out our International Fest presentation.

Continue the fun at home:

• Help your Girl Scout follow a recipe to make a healthy snack.

• Get your Girl Scout’s input when making plans for snacks and meals.

• Ask your Brownie to tell you something they learned about Haiti.

Thank you for bringing your Brownie to Girl Scouts!

Cookie Orders due FRIDAY!

Initial Cookie Order

Your initial cookie order is due this Friday, Jan 18th by 8pm. You can just email me the totals you have for every cookie. Also, if you did Cookie Club. Don't forget to hit that "SUBMIT" button to directly send me your online promises.

After 8pm, any cookie orders will have to wait until the cookie cupboards open in mid-February. I'm serious...I'm not chasing down orders.

Cookies arrive...

Saturday, Feb 9th. Pickup is different this year. They are doing what's called "Count-n-Go". We no longer have a close place to pickup the cookies.

We (and by we, I mean me and my gracious volunteers) will have to go to Atlanta Motor Speedway to pickup the initial order of cookies. So depending on the size of our order, I may need several of you to volunteer to help transport. You'll get a free breakfast or lunch out of it, depending on our pickup time.

Just to give you an idea. It took 4 vehicles last year to pickup all of our order.

Another option is to rent a u-haul for the trip...something we can discuss at the next meeting if you'll hang around for a few minutes.

Cookie Booths

A cookie booth sign-up form was emailed to you earlier. Please select the times that you know you can commit to. Plan to stay with your daughter for that hour to help out. If you have problems signing-up, just email me.

All cookie money is due Friday, Mar 8th!

International Festival

Sunday, Feb. 10th, 1:30-5pm

144 Ram Dr

Covington, GA

The girls will be presenting at International Festival this year. International Festival is a celebration of Girl Scouting throughout the world. The girls have chosen the country of Haiti to present and worked hard to learn facts and make a poster. We need all of our girls to show up to the event and have a strong Troop Unicorn to present.

Afterwards, maybe we can all grab an early dinner together?

A flyer for the event will be emailed to you soon. Please note that there may be a cost to attend. The troop will pay for attendance of the girls.

Next Troop Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, 2:45-4:45pm

2533 Stanton Road Southeast

Conyers, GA

The girls will learn some Cookie Business and make swaps for the International Festival. Kaselynn has snack bucket.