What makes you happy!

Be yourself before you forget who you really are :D

Rushing for calmness...

Do you know how sometimes you want to do something with your life but you can't really do it?

Well.....To be honest I did get that problem. Stressing and you can't calm down?

Here are some tips to help you be who you really are not that person that is always so negative!

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Tips on helping you distress :

1 : Hard day at work? well try having a glass of water and a soothing bubble bath.

2 : Candles help me to distress....How about you? scented candles really are great for you when there is to much commotion going on and all you do is work.

3 : Put on a face mask and lay down on your bed until it is done. It will help you calm down because they are nice and cool on your face and can help you with smooth skin.

So there you have it all the tips on distressing I hope you found that all those tips helped you just as much as it helped me!

By Betty Dang !