Domain 4

Deb Boyd 2017

Reflecting on Teaching

  • Provide informal assessments to staff following professional development opportunities to plan future learning experiences.
  • Assist in planning a variety of professional learning opportunities where participants can choose which topics best meet their learning needs.
  • Facilitate, planned and provided coaching and reflection time for grade levels, outside visitors and individual teacher Learning Walks
  • Works with teachers to engage in new learning opportunities for students, such as Genius Hour.

Maintaining Accurate Records

  • Maintained Villa Cresta student/teacher HP device school-wide inventory.
  • Maintained and provided detailed list of optional professional development participation data to teachers for their Domain 4 records.
  • Created and maintained records for school-based technology issues and collaborated with BCPS Help Desk and Daly technicians to trouble shoot and correct issues.
  • Maintained records when collecting money for Digital Learning Team fundraisers.

Communicating with Families

  • Villa Cresta Webmaster
  • Villa Cresta Social Media: Twitter; Facebook pages
  • Provide parent information on BCPSOne

Growing and Developing Professionally

  • Facilitates meaninful professional development strategies for teachers to include:
  • New Teacher Induction Workshops "Understanding Charlotte Danielson and SLO Framework" (Office of Organizational Development)
  • New Teacher Induction Workshops "Behavior Management" (Office of Organizational Development)
  • Microsoft Onedrive and Office 365 PD
  • Accessing Dreambox Reports to Form Small Group Instruction PD (GLM)
  • PARCC Training for Paraeducators and Additional Adult Assistance

Participating in a Professional Community

  • Collaboratively planned PD with administration based on school data to meet SPP needs.
  • Elementary Summer STAT Institute 2016/2017
  • BCPS Microcredential Pilot Program with Digital Promise
  • Facilitator of DLU Introduction to Wixie
  • Facilitator/Instructor of DLU Discovery Education; Board Builder and Live Streaming
  • Participant of STAT Zone 1 Cohort
  • PARCC & MAP Testing Technology Coordinator
  • School based Technology Liaison

Demonstrating Professionalism

  • Supports teachers' professional development by guiding planning, securing needed resources and informing teachers of available professional development opportunities
  • Worked with administrators and teachers to communicate the value and importance of job-embedded professional development that is aligned with our School Progress Plan.
  • Attended/on time for meetings
  • Maintains teacher confidentiality
  • Member of SPP team and Digital Learning Team
  • Abides by regulations about videotaping and photographing students. Instructs others about these regulations.