Westley Brandon

Internet privacy

Advantages to sharing online

  • One advantage is that family who don't see you on a regular basis can stay in contact.
  • Another is it provides a way to meet new people.

Disadvantages to sharing online

  • It can allow creepy people to stock you
  • It puts a lot of personal information out in the public

Keep it private

You should keep the following private online:

  • Address
  • Credit card information
  • Phone number


It is easy to ruin someones reputation just by saying a joke on the internet. It might make them get bullied, or lose friends. Also it can prevent them from getting a good job.

Cyber Bullying

What is a cyberbully?

A cyberbully is someone who bullies people and is rude to others over the internet. An example of this would be commenting rude things on peoples pictures.


It usually escalates by someone says something back to stand up then everyone just jumps in and begins to bully the one person.


The victim could easily block them or report it on the website. If it continues to be a problem then you could tell an adult. You could stick up for the victim also.

Persuasive advertising


Body Image


I think it is unfair for companies to alter the way models look in photo shoots. It makes people think they need to look a certain way when not even the models look that way.


The media makes boys think that they need to always be tough and strong never showing weakness. And it makes girls feel as if they always need to be super skinny and perfect.

Violence in Media


In video games people recover from traumatic events as if they were no big deal. This makes kids think that they are no big deal and they can do them with no consequences.


I do not believe that just because a kid watches or plays violent stuff that it makes them kill. I believe it makes it easier for them to kill but it is not the sole reason for kids committing murder.

Media Usage

Cut it out

If I had to cut my phone out of my life I would definitely struggle. I do everything through my phone. I stay in contact with my friends and family. It is not good that my phone is such a big part of my life.


I think that girls and guys always feel like they need to present themselves as very good looking on Instagram and such. They feel this way because of the want to get more likes on pictures.
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