The Hostile Hospital

Lemony Snicket

project by: Alyssa Mongold

book summary

In this book Count Olaf and his troupe try once again to steal the Baudelaire fortune. Klaus, Sunny, and Violet are in big trouble this time for being framed for the murder of Count Olaf, even though they didn’t do it, and Count Olaf isn’t dead! In this book Klaus, Sunny, and Violet get in a van with VFD ( volunteers fighting disease) and of they go to Heimlich Hospital. To find out more about Jacques Snicket, the Baudelaires need to find a library of records. Lucky for the Baudelaires, there is an opening in the library of records in the hospital. They meet a man named Hal and he says that he realizes them from the Snicket file. The Baudelaires find out something very important from the Snicket file. Esme Squalor ( Count Olaf’s girlfriend) eventually kidnaps Violet, but Sunny and Klaus get away safely. To find their sister Klaus and Sunny must decode an anagram, and must pose as fake doctors. Their sister, while asleep will undergo a craniectomy, a process where the decapitate you. When the doctors find out that Klaus And Sunny ( according to the Daily Punctilio Klyde and Susie) are in the hospital, they all try to contact the police and capture them. In the end Violet, Sunny, and Klaus get away, but in the back of Count Olaf’s van. This book is full of mystery and suspense. The theme of the story is definitely courage.

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The Author's Note

In every book the author writes a note on the back of the book. In this particular book, this is what he writes.

Dear Reader,

Before you throw this awful book to the ground and run as far away from it as possible, you should probably know why. This book is the only book that describes every last detail of the Baudelaire children's miserable stay at Heimlich Hospital, which makes it one of the most dreadful books in the world.

There are many pleasant things to read about, but this book contains none of them. Within its pages, are such burdensome details such as a suspicious shopkeeper, unnecessary surgery, an intercom system, anesthesia, heart-shaped balloons, and some very startling news about a fire. Clearly you do not want to read about such things.

I have sworn to research this story, and to write it down as best as I can, so I should know that this book is something best left on the ground, where you undoubtedly found it.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket

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