Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

What is OCD?

OCD, meaning "obsessive compulsive disorder", is a disorder that affects people all over the world daily, yet, most people don't notice it. As stated in the name, this disorder causes people to have obsessions and compulsions, accompanied by the uncomfortable feelings and emotions of doubt and fear. It may be over the smallest issue in their mind that becomes the only thing they can think about for hours on end. It has not yet been discovered how it's caused, but genes and the brain both definitely play a role.

Helping the Cause

Depending on the severity of someone's case, OCD can usually be helped, but not many times is it cured fully. Some people only need a medication or counseling appointment once a week, whereas others need 24/7 care in a mental hospital. Just at home, people can make sure to keep things neat around to try and adapt in small ways to how that person thinks or needs. Organizations like IOCDF around the world are researching and working daily to find ways to help others cure their OCD, or at least diminish it in some way. They all offer many different choices as to how they can provide the kind of service a certain individual needs personally.




Most people who have OCD are embarrassed by it! Although it consumes most of their lives in some cases, they'll go to insane extent to hide it from others.