by Kiara Brown

Physical Geograhy

Nigeria is divided into 10 different land regions. They are the Sokoto Plains, the Chad Basin, Northern High Plains, Jos Plateau, Niger-Benue River Valley, Western Uplands, Eastern Highlands, Southwestern Plains, Southeastern Lowlands , and the Niger Delta.

Ethnicity and Cultural Geography

Almost all of Nigerians are black Africans and also has 250 ethnic groups, 3 of which are:

  • Hausa: located in northern Nigeria. It includes farmers, craft workers, and traders. in the 1800's, Fulani took control over the region and they mixed together to call themselves Hausa-Fulani.
  • Yoruba: located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It includes cities and farms but was founded 100 years ago.
  • Igbo: located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It has important positions in business and government.
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Current Events

Oil Company Shuts Down

Nigeria's state oil company is shutting down two of the country's four refineries because of militant attacks on pipelines have affected their supplies. They are recently reopening now following months of inactivity. 90% of the refined products are suffering regular fuel shortages because of the lack of maintenance.

Gas Tank Explosion

On Friday, December 25, 2015 an industrial gas tank exploded in Southern Nigeria killing "tons of people." Local media reported death tolls as high s 100 on Christmas Eve in Nnewi City. It appeals someone filling up on gas did not follow the proper procedure so the gas tank exploded causing human casualties.

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Future Goals

  • achieve universal basic education
  • reduce child mortality
  • improve maternal health
  • combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and other diseases
  • develop global partnership for development


Nigeria remains Africa's largest oil producer, though the country went from being 10th to 12th largest producer of oil in the world. Oil plays a major role in the country's economy. The biggest industry in Nigeria is petroleum. Petroleum contributes to 14% of its economy. Although petroleum sector is important, it remains in fact a small part of the country's overall diversified economy.

Influence from Imperialism

  • removal of raw materials results in poor economy
  • national language is now English due to British European reform
  • 40% of population are Christian because of European influence
  • Improvement of transportation and technology because of European influence
  • Separation of some indigenous tribes by European made borders