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The various flavors of learning September 3, 2015

Dual language Program

"It doesn't mean there is an accent in Spanish there is less proficiency" - Thanks, the same way with English , not because there is an acent in English means there s less proficiency in that language.

Research says that it requires 2-3 years to develop basic social interaction skills. I am wondering if we can as a cohort adopt this researchand try accelerating our learning in Spanish by increasing our Spanish class time from 1 1/2 hours 2x a week to a half day session at least 2x a week. This is to address the needs of the members of the cohort who needs to learn Spanish to be marketable at the same time successful in schools. Is it possible to adopt the concept of dual language in the fellows program?

GROUP LUNCH at Highlands cafeteria- food wasn't great but company was - 25 of us!

Dr. Cofield's visit/tips

1. Align yourself with your mentor principal and communicate. Stay above the politics. Be humble even if this is a highly selective program. Staying your lane. Get focused, be positive and develop positive relationships.

2. Hired for a reason- characteristic innate to you. Make sure you can access the principal and be accessible too. Don’t be a threat. Establish the fact that you can do things and do things well. Don’t be late and don’t go early. Be dependable so they depend on you.

3. If there are real problems, reach out to the academy staffing.

4. Don’t be a drain to the principal but a value added. Don’t expect a lot of sit-down meetings as they are busy and prioritize things.

Deep Dive : Thomas and Reed

Thomas: Building trust between teachers and principals - most wanted traits and actions how to build those trust facets

Reed: 5 into a lesson

ESL: KNOW what TItle III is all about!

Title III : ensure ELL attain English proficiency , reach high level of academic achievement, meet standards as expected of their peers

The ELPS:English language proficiency standards outline English proficiency level descriptors and SEs; required to implement I every school as an integral part of each subject in the required curriculum


All core content teachers of record of ELLs must be trained in SIOP and/or ESL certified

Teachers of Eng I and II must be certified in ELA

RLA teachers with at leas 1 ELL in 6-8 must be certified in ESL


ELL 1st 1-3 years in US needs to be enrolled in ESL LA and Reading classes; sheltered courses in all other core areas

SIFE: Students with Interrupted Formal Education


level A; district wide

level B: support from instructional specialist per request

level C: assigned instructional specialist to the campus (once a week for lesson planning, modeling, etc)

SCHEDULING: consider years and proficiency of SIFE

SIFE: in the 1st 2-3 years a student missed a year of formal schooling

60-day rule : enrolled in spring less than 60days of instruction is not considered a year

Giving them non-credit courses can also decrease graduation rate !!!!

ESL: 1st 2-3 years (BIA: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced )

Sheltered: some language proficiency

Case 1: advanced( 3 years ) intermediate proficiency - place in ESL class

TEA: move 1 level per year which is a disconnect to the research that it takes years to develop a language proficiency

Case 2: advanced or high in TELPAS - if in ESL cannot get credit; needs to be in sheltered to get a credit !!!!!!!!!8**************

TESTING : IPT : Idea Proficiency test replacing Woodcock Munoz -needs certification or



Performance-based monitoring analysis (PBMAS) : students need to gain a level proficiency every year -

Indicator performance level:

0 - outstanding 1- ok 2- what's going on? 3-- state of emergency


Discrepancy roster not in the list that might be in the ELL roster - 20 days to get them off the roster ; they are not included in the count and will not get all the allocation you can get - Make sure LPAC is knowledgeable on testing and get those kids off the discrepancy list on time

For the formula of # of staff - default is for a total of 6 students classified as yr 1,2, and 3 combined will warrant 1 full time teacher; leveling later based on the number of students; teachers will go to a pool

Targeted Instructional Planning Karen Najera , Region 10 consultant

District /Campus Planning process : completed early in the school year and applies to school-wide and grade level STAAR goals . Karen is right! It is something we are already doing in the campuses- identifying the high needs based on data and checking frequency distribution of SEs from leap4ward and tested experience chart from TEA to come up with specific plans of developing and analyzing common assessments and intervention.