by Jacob

are floods dangerous?

Floods are really dangerous. Floods can do so much stuff like kill people and crush them.

what do floods destroy?

Floods can destroy a lot of things! Like Cities and towns. It will cause a lot of damage!

can floods kill people?

Floods can kill people they could drawn in it. Or the roof could fall off and kill you.

what are floods?

Floods are something that can ruin your house. Floods are HUGE amounts of water.

How long can floods last?

Floods can last several hours to a few days!


Always have a kit ready before a flood happens.


floods happen at a lot of places but it could happen by the ocean and the ocean is a great place to live you can go swimming. You can also go fishing and you can eat the fish.

what are floods caused by?

Floods are also caused by ties and earthquakes. Rivers and Lakes can cause huge floods.