Staff Weekly

Ammended: May 14


May 20th during 1st through 4th.

Final SEL Days

15th: Final Lesson and Survey

16th: Mentoring Day

24th: Community Circle (designed by SEL task force)

Results of Staff Voice (Time)

We will focus all of our time in the following three areas next year:

1. Collaborative planning with the instructional coach with same grade, same content area to create proficiency scales and unit plans based on the priority standards.

2. Creating common assessments and common scoring guides to match proficiency scales.

3. Analyzing data from common assessments/other assessments using common scoring guides to calibrate feedback and next steps for instruction.

Double Plan Days

We will keep double-plan on Mondays and Fridays. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday you will have single plan. We will focus our energy on the three areas above.

Vertical Planning

There will be a built-in vertical planning day once per month per content area that will not interfere with your 10 planning periods. We're building it into the Level Up/Tutorial Time.

Peer Observations

We will do this on a voluntary basis with the use of subs next year.

Faculty Circles

63% said keep them

37% said combine into one hour

We'll continue our 15 minute faculty circles plus one hour of faculty meeting time per month. I schedule the hours so you know in advance when they are.

Using Flex Time This Summer

84% said they'd be in favor of this

16% said it would rock their boat

We'll move forward with this plan. You all will be able to schedule the time with Stacie and I. We'll get back to you on this.

Professional Development

May 28: At Cooper HS. Professional Learning Communities at Work by Solution Tree. When I know times, I'll let you know.

May 29: At Ballyshannon. Proficiency Scales and Unit Plans for Mastery Learning. We'll start at 7:30 and end at 2:30.

May 30: Closing Day

Summer: Create Unit 1 with Flex Time

June 10 and 11: Principals, Instructional Coaches, Counselors attend Taking Action: RTI at Work by Solution Tree to roll out RTI 2.0 for Middle Schools next year.

August 12: Opening Day

August 13: Behavior RTI (PBIS) and Model Classrooms

Scavenger Hunt Grading

I'm still behind on this. So sorry!! I've been slammed sun up to sun down.

Reporting EOC Data

The purpose of the EOC exams is measure our level of mastery instruction this year. Will it be a little sketchy? Uh...yeah. But it's data that we're going to use to improve.

Any child who has a 0, 0.5, 1, or 1.5--look at the EOC to determine if you can move them up a mastery level. DO NOT USE THE DATA TO MOVE KIDS DOWN. Up only.


This week is 15 minutes: End of year PD and Summer PD


Core Meetings 2:45-3:45

  • May 16th: Science: Read pp. 201-238
  • May 14th: ELA, Sped, and UA: Read pp. 115-162

From these meetings, we will begin developing our Ballyshannon Instruction Handbook.

Read your chapters. Take notes. Be ready to discuss.

K-Prep Schedule: May 13 and 14

Big picture

May 15th: Normal Schedule

EOC Schedule: May 16, 17, 20, 22, 23

May 16th is normal schedule for 7th grade. 6th and 8th flop UAs. There is SEL on Thursday.

May 17th-23rd is an EOC schedule. No SEL.

May 24th...stay tuned...we'll try to fill your time.

No movie theater day on the 23rd. It will be on the 24th.

Big picture


James and I are trying to be in the cafe every day during 5th.

If you need us during that time, that's where you'll find us.


  • Testing for 7th and 8th


  • Testing for 8th
  • ELA Focus Meeting after school


  • Kegley out today
  • Lunch out for color run kids


  • Science Focus Meeting


  • Erika at UK Next Gen Summit?? I have no clue what this is??
  • Stacie out today. Coach day.