Study guide answers

Sarheagan Williams

What poetic terms do you understand? Give a definition or example of each term.

A.Personification-Having human like feelings and thoughts

B.Simile-Using like or as to compare

C.Metaphor-Is a compare with out using like or as

D.Hyperbole-Is using big Exaggeration

E.Theme-Is the authors message

What do you know about Literary non-fiction?

A.How is literary non-fiction different from regular non-fiction?

literary is more exact maybe even true.

B. biography is to write a story about yourself.

Autobiography is to write a story about somebodies life

Memoir is a part of (Artegat, book)

personal narrative is a character telling the story.

Diary is where somebody write there feelings in.

What are plot elements in fiction? Why are they imporant

Plot elements is the cause,conflict,rising action,climax,falling action,resolution. They are important because all these make the story

What is point of view in fiction? How does the point of view affect the story?

Point of view means is the way character see things.It affects the story by the character actions.

What do you know about the tools of reading?

A.Inference is a conclusion we'll you think about it.It is important because every story needs a conclusion.

B.Text 2 text

Text to self

Text to world

C.summmary is a small explanation.

D.The theme is what the story is about . The main idea is different by giving the readers a lesson.

What have you learned about grammar so far this year?Describe how each piece is used and give me an example

I've learend that you can shorten a 3 sentence by put s words together

I have learend how to write a good story and good story map

How is a story told in drama (or film/play) form different from other fiction? How do the characters ,setting and plot differ between genres

It is different because people are their acting out it looks different