JPS Week Ahead for Families

January 11 - 15

To our Jayhawk Families

We would like to start by saying how amazing our families have been with problem solving, participating, communicating and connecting last week. Speaking to the staff, they have all been so appreciative of your committment and perseverance - which is unbelievable given what families are coping with. We know that this has been a challenging start to the new year for many. Please reach out to your child(ren)'s classroom teacher if you are experiencing difficulties. We'll try out best to work through issues.

Here's some of the issues/questions we've been getting:


In the spring Limestone IT was able to provide cell phones as hot spots for families with little/no internet. They are currently rolling this out as we speak, with the priority being Gr. 12s, then moving down. Please let Mrs. Diamond know if you are in this boat. There is no guarantee that they'll get to us, but we're going to try hard.


Teachers are taking attendance each day at 2:30. To be marked present, students need to connect with their teachers before that time (e.g. handing in work, participating in Google Meets, messaging/e-mailing teachers). The school will be calling out between 2:45 - 3:45 each day for students marked absent. If you know that your child(ren) are not going to be "at school", please use the messenger app to call in the absence. Students who have made arrangements with their classroom teachers and are doing work asynchronously will be marked present.


We have loaned out a number of devices. If you find that you are in need of a device, please tell your child's classroom teacher and we'll do our best to get that to you.


Students who have been receiving articulation services will be contacted this week to do a video conference. The articulation staff will be using Microsoft Teams for their meeting platform. All students have access to Teams, they need to use their own Limestone e-mail to join - parents will not be able to join with their personal e-mails.


Our Educational Assistants have each been assigned to a classroom to provide independent or small group student support. Mrs. Diamond is providing student support for the Gr. 7/8 classroom. If you are finding your child is struggling and needs a little extra support, please let your child's classroom teacher know and some extra support will be set up.

As always, please communicate any questions or concerns so we can problem solve.

Mrs. Diamond & Mrs. Paquin

Gr. 2 - 8 Music this week

Mrs. Palmer's class & Mr. Gallagher's class:

I will have a little package that families can pick up at the front door of the school this week - please stop by if you can between 8:00 - 4:00 (any day this week) - these are some Carnival of the Animal activities that students can be done with limited screen time/internet. There will be audio clips on Google Classrooms (top of page ->Classwork -> Music with Mrs. D) that accompany some of the activities.

Mr. Cahill's class:

We are starting ukuleles, which I can teach on-line at the normal music time (Wednesday, 12:35 - 1:15). Gr. 4/5 families can come and pick up a ukelele for their student at the school any time this week between 8:00 - 4:00). Mrs. D will record and post the music lesson on Wednesday if you are unable to come at that time or have not picked up a uke yet. Students who have their own uke at home don't need to come in.

Mrs. MacDonald's class & Mr. Guild's class:

This week the lesson will be posted on Tuesday (Gr. 6/7) and Friday (Gr. 7/8), therefore you can do it at anytime throughout the week. There will be no "live" lesson this week. There is currently a quick little blues lyrics task due.

If you have any questions/concerns, don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Diamond.

Musically yours,

Mrs. D

Accessing Google Classroom through PS4 or Xbox

How to Access the Google Classroom on either your Xbox or PS4

Important Dates

January 11 - 22 - on-line learning

January 25 - return to face-to-face learning

Newly Revised COVID screening tool

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JPS Parent Council

Parent Council Exec:

Amy Currie - co-chair

Melissa Robertson - co-chair

Deborah Smith-Minaker - treasurer

Donna Maillet - secretary

If you need to get a hold of a parent council representative, here is their email:


Our Parent Council has organized three on-line fundraising opportunities. All fundraising is being done on-line this year. Now you can shop from the safety and convenience of your own home and our school gets a kick-back!


Just download the app and put in the code. Every time you do an on-line purchase from the selected stores, a kick back will go to the school and no extra cost to you! See link below!

Code: LDJ4YK


Get those precious items labelled with Mabel's Labels! Keep JPS's Lost & Found empty!


See below for our very own e-store! Now parents can order JPS swag whenever they want, pay on line. You can pick up at the store or have it delivered to the school. The school gets a kick back on every purchase!

Thank you Play! Gaming and Entertainment for their funding support at Joyceville Public School.