Paredes Middle School

January 4th PD

PRIDE test strategy

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MOY Data (morning)

Elective Grouping:

6th Grade

Bart, Bohuslav – ELA

Davis, Conger, Conte, Inglish, Deatherage – Math

7th Grade

Means, Hightower, Krawl - ELA

Hartman, Kruse, Moreno – Math

8th Grade

Gallegos, Medrano, Farrow – ELA

Almanza, Hendrickson, Morales, Salazar, Howell, McCray – Math

1. Using your item analysis, fill out a MOY class data sheet for each class including analyzing math and reading for advisory. (If you are missing an item analysis, click here to see how to create an item analysis spreadsheet.)

MOY Class Data (Please download into Word before editing.)

2. Fill out the teacher reflection sheet. (Only do this once.)

MOY Teacher Reflection (Download to Word)

3. Meet as grade level/departments: At the top of the item analysis spreadsheet, you can see how each class/section performed on each question.

  • Highlight questions that your classes had 70% or less proficient.
  • The TEKs/SE for questions with 50% or below proficient will need to be retaught this semester.
  • Those with 51-70% need to be revisited.
As a grade level/department PLC, discuss the TEKs/SEs that were troubling to students and make a plan for this semester to address these problem areas. Use the links below to fill out your plan.

Reteach plan (Download to Word)

Revisit plan (Download to Word)

Each core department downtown designed lessons to be used for reteach/revisit interventions. Access the district interventions here.

You will go over your data and plans with Ms. Torres-Solis and the grade administrators in the afternoon.

SIM Planning (afternoon)

Download the FRAME review below. (It must be downloaded. It does not show up completely in Google.

FRAME Review

Remember that the A (Analyze) in FRAME can look differently. In this example, I chose to analyze using the Clarifying routine from Thinking Maps. You do not need to use the examples given in the blank templates as long as you use the linking steps (Focus on the Topic, Reveal the Main Ideas, Analyze the Details, Make a So What Statement, and Extend Understanding).

To Do:

1. Update wikispace: all 1st semester UOs and FRAMEs and new UO for 4th 6 weeks -- due by January 8

2. Planning -- Prepare new unit organizers and FRAMEs for second semester. Upload new documents to the wikispace.

January 4th PD checklist

Please make sure you have completed your Checklist before leaving today.