Big Bend Country

By: Mackenzie Hassler and Tori Skinner

Big Bend Country

Geographic region in western part of Texas bordering Mexico. Characteristics Rio Grande river, mountains and deserts.

Catastrophic Events

Wild fires: Destroys habitats,pollutes the air with emissions harmful to human health,releases carbon dioxide into the air,burns everything in its path.

Earthquakes: landscapes can be destroyed land slides or tsunamis can start from earthquakes.

Weathering and Erosion

Weathering: is the process of breaking down of earths materials. Physical weathering is by wind or ice wedging in between rocks. (Weathering using force) Chemical weathering is oxidation and acid rain. Erosion is the movement of earths materials in this region things are eroded by wind. Deposition is the dropping off of earths materials the materials in this region are being deposited by the winds.

Water Sheds and Aquifers

Water Shed:is an area of land where all of the surface water within a specified area drains downward and flows to the same place.Water shed in the Big Bend And what its made up of: The Rio Grande Water shed is made up of rivers, grasslands, creeks and springs.

Aquifer:An Aquifer Is a natural underground area where large quantities of ground water fills the spaces between rocks and sediment and accumulates.

The Big Bend Major aquifer: Hueco-Mesillia Bolson is in the western tip of Texas and composed of quaternary and basin-filled deposits that extend into New Mexico.