Josh Kruger


796,095 sq km total

770,875 sq km land

25,220 sq km water

located in southern Asia bordering India, Iran and Afghanistan

the climate varies from tropical to temperate as well as arid in the south
lots of agriculture as well as coal, oil and gas and limited forestry

they have lots of earthquakes


population 193,238,868

life expectancy 66.71 years

infant mortality 260/10,000

there are 0.74 doctors per 1000 people

there are 54.9% of the population is literate

males go to school 8 years females go 7


Pakistan has a federal republic but it is very corrupt people don't really get a say, the military also plays a very important role in the country.

there are lots of human rights issues in Pakistan such as arresting journalists and closing news papers simply because of what they wrote about.


Pakistan makes its money off of textiles and clothing

6% unemployment rate and 22.3% of the population is below the poverty line

there is an extensive use of child labor

the income per capita is 1,256.5$


hundreds of Pakistani people move to Canada each year