Why Teach Teams?

1. Teams create a safe place to take risks - non-judgmental environment!

2. Teams provides an opportunity for something that rarely happens, but is extremely meaningful - to happen just a little more!

3. Teams move professional learning from an "occasion" to something that is infused into the daily life of a teacher

4. Teams opens our classroom doors and fosters collegiality

5. The Teams plan is flexible - you earn your hours on your time! (with your cookies & milk!!)

6. Teams incorporates video - which allows for repeated revisiting and reflection

Access to Several Types of Video

Educators use the different types of videos in Teams to learn new approaches, reflect on their own and each other’s practice, and analyze specific areas of practice.

  1. Teaching Channel (Tch) library: more than 1,000 videos on subjects and topics across grades PreK-12

  2. Tch Uncut Classrooms: full-length videos that allow you to see lessons from start to finish, providing opportunities to calibrate observation and feedback protocol

  3. Teacher created videos: all Teams teachers can upload videos of their own instruction and designate whom to share them with for reflection and analysis


Logging into Tch Oceanside Schools:

  1. Visit and sign-up using your OceansideSchools email account. If you already have an existing account on Teaching Channel with your school email, just sign in.

  1. When you sign in, you’ll notice the Tch Oceanside Schools logo in the top left corner.

  2. Click on My Workspace in the top black bar. Edit your profile and include a picture (you can do this later).

Creating your Teach Team Group

1. Click Groups in the the top navigation bar. This is where you will access your Teach Team Group for the Non-Mandated Novice 101 Plan

2. Create a Group with your fellow teachers. Groups can be created on the main Groups page by clicking the New Group+ button

(Please note, only one member of your Team needs to create the group and will invite the rest of the members)


  • Please name your group Novice 101 (15-16) - then your personal creative team name!

  • Purpose: Write a specific purpose for your Team - You can use - To participate in the Novice 101 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Teach Teams PDP Plan

  • Group type: Keep "Internal Group" clicked

  • Group privacy: Change to "Invite Only". This is very important to ensure privacy, otherwise your group will remain visible to anyone who clicks on it

  • What is your group about? Select all that apply

  • Click the red 'Create Group' button

  • Invite the other members of your team

When you click into your Team Group, you will see:

    1. DISCUSSION - the threaded discussion for your TEAM

    2. MEMBERS - lists all the members of your TEAM

    3. RESOURCES - has items that have been uploaded to help support you

If you need technical assistance with Teams, please email Erin at or Jen at

If you have questions or need other assistance with your Teach Team, please email Beth at or Jason at

Novice 101 Choose Your Own Adventure Card

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Handouts to support your adventure



How to record your own classroom and share the video with your team

In two steps, easily capture and share video with your selected group. Teams members are always in control of whom they share video with.

  • Step one: capture video using the Tch Recorder App

  • Step two: upload and share with the click of a button

You can also take video with other video capture devices. Simply transfer the video to your computer, log in to your Teams site, then upload the video.

Tch Recorder APP for IOS

Download the app on your Apple device

Tch Recorder App for Kindle

Download the App on your Kindle device

Tch Recorder App for Android

Download the App on your Android device

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