The History of Break Dance

By Ana Apiti-Civcic

Where break dance originated?

Before the term break dance was ever established, it began with the famous singer James Brown. In the late 1960's he was getting down to his song, 'Get on the good foot'. The good foot dance move eventually went on to be called B-Boying which then changed to a more broad name 'BreakDancing.' Although this is where it originated, it is no longer the breakdancing we see today.

How has breakdance evolved?

In the beginning it was simple breakdance which consisted of mainly floor work. Today's version of breakdance includes power moves such as windmill,head spins and floor work.

Breakdance today requires lots of strength and is very popular. Competitions are held all over the world.

What music is used when doing Breakdance?

When breaking, the music used is hip hop.This hip hop music doesn't necessarily have words it mainly consists of a sick arrangement of beats. The beats are sometimes made from live percussionists or just instrumental pieces.