by David Wiesner

Literary Elements and Physical Features

Tuesday is a mysterious children's book that documents the strange things that happen every Tuesday night...some where in U.S.A. Tuesday has a circle plot, which is defined as a plot that ends with the same way it begins (https://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/lit_terms_C.html). For example, Tuesday does not have many words, but it begins with setting the stage for Tuesday night, and the book ends with setting of night of the next Tuesday night. The book is mainly illustrations of frogs flying on lily pads doing strange things. It is set in a suburban looking neighborhood. It is a very interesting style because there is few words, but very animated illustrations.

All of the illustrations of this book go horizontally, so the book is rectangular. It helps the story because it makes the illustrations come alive.

Visual Elements and Artistic Style

On the page shown below, the reader can see the dark blue comforting colors, and can clearly see it is night time. Behind the large smiling frog, the reader can see horizontal lines that telephone wires. The horizontal lines help the reader look at the image from left to right, and helps emphasize the large rectangles of the frogs. The telephone wire in the distance is an interesting setting, because you can see the silhouettes of all of the frogs.

The author's style is surrealism. Surrealism is a style that uses imagination and is fun, and lets the writer share his imagination with us (http://www.shmoop.com/surrealism/). The story is about frogs floating through the sky on lily pads, a perfect example of surrealism.

Artist Media & Elements of Illustration

  1. rough sketch
  2. story board
  3. "dummy page"
  4. molds and photographs
  5. finished drawing
  6. watercolor


The author frames some pages with different shapes set off balance with the background.

With mostly illustrations, the narrative story is understood, but fun because readers can add their own words. With page turns, the author does not give the reader a sense of urgency. The author clearly wants readers to spend time on the pages, and examine all the different elements.

Big image

Interplay of Text & Illustration

Since Tuesday has such few words, the illustrations are very important. The lack of words makes the words used very important. Opening up, the one sentence "Tuesday Evening, Around Eight" shows a simple scene. Other than that, no words are used except for the ending. The ending scene uses similar dialogue, but shows pigs flying.

Megan Cranley

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