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Fitness and health is an increasingly important element in our lives. The more stress we feel, the more important it becomes to think about health. The increased demand for advice on fitness has led to increased educational programs on fitness and health. Here at Academy of Natural Health Sciences, you will find a great selection of massage therapy & nutrition programs. We are a leading Holistic Health School, nutrition school, Detoxification Training school, natural healing school and Massage School in NY for over 20 years.

Academy of Natural Health Sciences is based on a set of values ​​based on the holistic definition of health. This means that everything we do is based on these values ​​and is striving to achieve a higher level of health. We believe that school is the arena in the society where we have the greatest opportunity to embody and realize the health of our children and youth. We offer Sports Nutrition Certification, and professional training for those who want to be a nutritionist or go occasional weekend courses for your own sake.

The programs are very rewarding for those who want to start a career in nutrition fried and who welcome the knowledge of self-development and well-being for you and your loved ones. All of our courses are available online to you that studies can work simultaneously. In addition, career programs and courses are approved by the New Jersey Department of Education.

We welcome you to visit us at our website, hope you will find the course that you longed for.