For Sale - Mark Star Laser Machine

Price is: $30.00

The Laser is for sale right now in any store near you!

What does it do?

The Mark Star Laser Machine gets rid of any unwanted marks, scars, moles, warts, and calluses!

How does it work?

Easy the laser in this machine simply burns it off with special red light technology combined with UV rays. You won't feel a thing. We took the liberty of testing it on the very intelligent and brave scientists who worked on it (when, of course, they knew it was safe to use.) The machine comes with unlimited amount of laser-proof putty to put on the skin surrounding the unwanted mark.

How do you use it?

Simple! Turn the switch to on. Then, see the dial and turn it to the desired setting. The setting options are just what you want to be removed. A mole, scar, birthmark, wart, or a callus.

Why do you need this?

It's much cheaper than going to a trip to see the dermatologist. Faster too! It is so safe, as well.

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