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Olivia is the shy girl of the group and lives with her Grandma, after her mother died when she was a little girl and her dad was sent to prison, it was never stated in the film why but if the movie is going by the book he should have been convicted of manslaughter. Although she loves her dad, she is embarrassed to talk about him or to him; which may explain why she is so shy. Age (17 Yrs Old)
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Wendel "Wen" Gifford is the carefree, funny, laid-back guy. Although he has a great personality, he doesn't like the fact that his dad is re-marrying a woman he doesn't like. He also thought that the band should be named "Wen" instead of "Lemonade Mouth". Wen plays the keyboard and is currently Lemonade Mouth's lead keyboard player.

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Born in Rhode Island, Stella is a firecracker. She's determined, motivated, and defiant. She's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and will fight for it. She thinks everyone deserves to have a go at things, and everyone should be heard. Sometimes she thinks she is a misfit because her family is so "smart," but soon she realizes that she is very intelligent in her own way. She is also a vegitarian. Stella is very talented and can play the guitar. She is currently Lemonade Mouth's lead guitarist. She is very different from most of the kids in Mesa High School, she's not a cheerleader nor a nerd; she's herself. Stella is proud of who she is and won't change for anyone because she believes she's perfect the way she is. She is known as a "rebel" to her friends and family. She's also encouraged by Miss Reznik.
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Mohini "Mo" Banjaree is an intelligent, shy, rocking and a goody two-shoes kind of girl. She strives to please her father who has a dream of her being his Indian princess, but when he's out of sight, she's ready to rock. She's eager to trade in her preppy sweaters and pleated skirts for short dresses and heels. She also has a secret boyfriend named Scott Pickett. She has a clear passion to express who she is.

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Charlie is known to be the "drum god" of the group. He is always ready to stick up for his friends and is sometimes over his head. He is forced to live up to his "perfect brother's" expectations to please his parents, but could be counted out of anything athletic. He is somewhat shy, sweet, thoughtful, good-natured, and sensitive. He also seems to be a bit gullible and he's oblivious to the attention he gets from girls. He relies on a coin toss to make descisions. Also, he has a major crush on Mo his bass guitarist.
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Scott is a jock and a bad boy. Most of the time, he only cares about himself and his band. His feelings for his girlfriend, Mo, sometimes aren't even confirmed. As long as he's happy and his band,Mudslide Crush, is doing fine, he doesn't care about much of anything else.

"A cute high school soccer jock, Scott is a good kid but a little self-absorbed and a member of the dominant band at their high school, Mudslide Crush."

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Ray Beech is the lead singer and rapper ofMudslide Crush. He hatesLemonade Mouth and will do anything to stop it. He is a shallow, conceited soccer jock, that all of the girls love.
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Principal Steven Brenigan

Principal Steven Brenigan is the totally insane, hardcore principal of Mesa High. He loves sports and Turbo Blast, and only treats the cheerleaders and the jocks like they matter. All of the other clubs he moves to the basement. He yells a lot, and gives out plenty of detentions. He is also very quick to judge people.
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Miss Jenny Renzik

Miss Jenny Renzik is the single, ditzy, crazy music teacher of Mesa High. She squeals a lot and dances while no one's looking, but despite her first appearance, she is a very intelligent, talented teacher. Her music room is in the basement of the school, which she hates. She falls in love with Lemonade Mouth, but doesn't get along with Principal Brenigan.
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