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I'm Reginald Deyampert Phillips, Jr. I am apart of the graduation class of 2016 and attend Childersburg High School located in Alabama. I am apart of The Marching Tiger Band here at Childersburg. I have many hobbies. I play piano, guitar, and drums. I draw, enjoy socializing, doing out door activities and hanging with family and friends.
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My group and I had to present our project on the Holocaust. As you can tell, we worked really hard. We had the best presentation out of our classes! Our information was communicated in way where it was memorable, and interesting.


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This is a picture of the cardboard furniture we made in Engineering Applications. Me and my classmates had design a living room suite made entirely out of cardboard who's main objective was to hold the weight of a 200 lb person. We were successful.

Critical Thinking

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This is a slip of paper with my code for the H&R Block Budget Challenge. The purpose of the challenge was to put you in real life scenarios that involved you getting a set amount of money in the beginning and make that budget grow and try and maintain it with critical thinking, and smart financial choices.

Writing Sample

Jewish Inquirer

September 2, 1939


Reginald Phillips

Stein and Bek Media Corp, Limited

Nazi troops marching into Poland.

Sarah Engelberg

Nazis Invade Poland!

Yesterday, September 1, 1939 at 4:45 a.m., 1.5 million German troops invaded Poland’s borders. The German Luftwaffe bombed Polish Airfields, Attacked Polish naval forces in the Baltic Sea all simultaneously. It seems we are in a state of being seized! We are mobilizing one million men in a hope to stop the German forces. Britain and France have, as of today, declared that Germany withdraw by tomorrow, September 3, or face war!

“If They Find Us, They’ll Kill Us” Sarah Engelberg’s Story

Sarah Engelberg was only five years old when the Nazis invaded Poland. Life seemed normal and she was only focused on her first day of school.

On her first day of school she went up the blackboard to solve a problem and solved the problem with ease, but instead of the praise and encouragement she was used to from her uncle for getting problems correct, she received a angry glare from the teacher. After class the teacher gave her note to her parents saying she could not go back to school because she was Jewish and Jewish children were not allowed in school.

Sarah could not attend school because of the control the Germans had over western Poland. Sarah heard many terrible things about the Nazi soldiers but wasn't afraid. She was confused because two Nazi officers had lived with the her and her family and had treated them, especially her father, with nothing but respect. After time had passed, the conversations between her father, and the Nazi officers that lived with them, had become more intense. As if something were wrong. He father then told the family that they had to leave and hide because the Germans were collecting all Jews to send them to their demise. Sarah and her family were on the run.

Sarah’s favorite Uncle Naphtali was killed after being found in a barn hidden under hay. The Engelbergs had gone through so much suffering and loss then one day they are told by Stanislov that they are free. The Russians have driven out the Germans and they are liberated. Sadly, Sarah and family were they only Jewish family to survive from the town of Urzejowice in Poland. Her family left Poland in 1947 and later arrived in the United States of America where they settled in New York City.

555 Jew Journal Drive, Childersburg, AL | R&P Publishings

Jewish Inquirer

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By the end of 1945, there were still some two million displaced persons in the camps. They included approximately 200,000 Jews who had lived to see the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. The majority of them had lost most of their family, and did not want to return to their former homes. The number of victims of the Holocaust is huge - in talking about the 6 million people who were murdered. We should never forget that they were 6 million individual men, women and children, each of whom had their own face, habits, opinions and, of course, right to life.

555 Jew Journal Drive, Childersburg, AL | R&P Publishing


Cover Letter

Auburn University

107 Samford Hall

Auburn AL 36849

(334) 844-4000

Dear :

I am highly interested in attending your university in the fall of 2016. I hear about you school all the time as you see I am a fan of your football team. I also have a mentor that has graduated from your facility. From what I have heard I plan on having the same, or an even better experience when I enter your school as a freshman in a few years.

As with all students I know it’s important to want to succeed in life, and one major step towards that is going to college. Well for me that information is vital. I plan on joining many clubs and participating in many events that will benefit me, others, and communities. I want to make a difference for myself and I know I can as a part of your university, as a part of you alumni, as a part of your family. I’m here looking for a home that I know I will be proud of.

I have attached my resume for you to see all the applicable skills that make me an exceptional fit for your university. I am really looking forward to hearing back from you. I can’t wait to be an Auburn Tiger!


Reginald Phillips


Reginald Phillips

(256) 267-5735

1346 2nd St SW Childersburg, AL 35044


To obtain a scholarship and acceptance letter to a university majoring in engineering.


Childersburg High School Honor’s Pathway | 2013 – Present

Talladega County Central High School Honor’s Pathway | 2010 - 2012

  • Beta Club(2011- Present)

  • Veteran’s Day Essay Winner

  • Math Scholar’s Award

  • English Scholar’s Award (2011-2012)

  • FBLA(2011-2012)

  • SGA (2011-2012)

Job/Volunteer Experience

August 30, 2013 | Reading Mentor

Reading mentor to elementary students to help and develop essential skills.

Landscaping yards in Childersburg Area.


  • Sketching

  • Landscaping

  • Writing/Typing

  • Organizing

  • Cleaning

  • Childersburg High School Marching Band (2013-Present)

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Glogster

  • Google Drive & Apps

  • Animoto

  • One True Media

  • Prezi

  • Fl Studio 11

  • Audacity

  • Time Toast

  • JayCut

  • Voki


Cynthia Willburn

Talladega County English Teacher

James Rogers

Band Director

Lori Reed

English Teacher

Coach Johnson

Teacher (256) 510-2980

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I was accepted with an ACT score of 19 my first try, into Jacksonville State University.
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I plan on going into music and becoming a music major, then learning how to properly compose music of my own, or as back up plan going into nursing. I have a strong back ground in my family involving music and the medical field.