Hawk Weekly

October 7th-11th

Curriculum Updates


Kindergarten has been filled with so many exciting things! The children have been making new friends, following routines, shopping at the Snack Cart, enjoying specials, experimenting with eSpark, Dreambox, and learning many academic skills. The innocent faces and creative minds of the children have absorbed so much during our short time together. Color words, easy sight words, forming letters correctly with 'Writing Without Tears,' using phonetic spelling when writing, adding a period, and reading together has filled our mornings. Afternoons bring excitement with hands on math activities that correlate with our math series and individual math goals. Students work in small groups, pairs, one on one, and whole group to help reach math objectives. Scholastic News magazines have added interest and fun activities with our science and social studies. Our eager students are similar to the Energized Bunny that just keep on going and want to learn more!

1st Grade:

During the month of September, first grade has been hard at work learning and having fun! In math, we have been learning about partners and how to build equations using those partners. For example, a partner of 5 is 3 and 2: 3+2=5. In writing, we are working hard on writing one or two sentences that makes sense: starts with a capital letter, has fingers spaces, lowercase letters throughout, and ends with a period. We dived deep into learning about apples and their life cycles. We even completed a See, Think, Wonder visible thinking routine.

2nd Grade:

In reading, we have been working on introducing new genre of literature. We have introduced parts of speech. We have been working on story vocabulary and high frequency words. In math, we have been using "math mountains" to help us with partners and totals for addition and subtraction. We have been focusing on problem solving with story problems. In writing, second graders have reviews proper sentence structure and are working towards writing a paragraph with a topic sentence, 3 detail sentences and a closing sentence. We have also started Handwriting Without Tears to improve handwriting skills!

3rd Grade:

Third graders have been hard at work learning about force and motion through research and hands-on activities. They have also explored how traditions shape our culture and how people from various cultures can all come together to contribute to a society. Lastly, the students learned the proper way to format a friendly letter and wrote real letters for various purposes. They are now researching spiders and getting ready to write a riveting personal narrative from the point of view of the eight legged creature.

4th Grade:

Math: Our major focus in 4th grade math this month have been on Place Value. We learned the names of each place and the value of a digit in those places. We learned how to use our knowledge of place value to round numbers. We also have been working on adding greater numbers and subtracting greater numbers. Having a solid understanding of place value supports students in placing digits correctly and adding/subtracting correctly. The students LOVED playing "Beat the Teacher" a place value game and we just announced our winners in each class! We start our Mad Minutes for multiplication at the beginning of October, so please have your child practice their facts! We will be wrapping up our current unit in about a week with our Unit 1 Test.

Science: We have been exploring energy, specifically motion or mechanical energy. We know that the mass and height of something influences how much energy it has.

Social Studies: Our historians have been focusing on map skills in social studies. Not only have we been learning the vocabulary terms, we've been applying them to actual maps. Students have used a compass rose to find the directions to travel, a scale bar to calculate actual distances between cities, a map key to locate where certain crops are grown, and lines of latitude and longitude to locate cities.

5th Grade:

Social Studies: Fifth grade has finished up our beginning of the year unit called "Thinking Like a Historian". Our studies have included lessons on the job of a historian, primary and secondary sources and the tools we can use to help us understand our social studies text. These include the text features of our book and the different structures authors use when writing nonfiction text. Next up, we will blast back in time to learn about American Indians and the environments they lived in and adapted to.

Science: The Fifth grade science classes started off the year with implementing the technique of using Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning while doing our Coin Lab experiment. We also began to practice using Accountable Talk in Science and will continue using this throughout the year. The students are learning about "Discussion Circle" norms and what that looks and feels like in Science. We are currently working on Discovery Education: Patterns in the Sky - The Cycle of Day and Night and will eventually lean towards Phenomenal Science: To Infinity and Beyond.

Math: Our lessons have focused on graphing and fractions. Students created pictures by graphing positive and negative numbers. The students also sharpened their skills to find equivalent fractions in order to add or subtract fractions with unlike denominators. 5th grade will continue to work with fractions as we begin learning how to add or subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators.

6th Grade:

Social Studies: 6th grade historians have been focusing on the conditions and connections of an area. We used this information to analyze an area to see which of five locations would be the best area to settle in. We are now moving into using maps with a focus on latitude and longitude lines.

Science: We have been focusing on the topic of water. Its uses, conservation, and erosion have been explored.

The students were asked to create a proposal of possible solutions to land that had been flooding.

Math: In advanced math, the students began the year learning divisibility rules for prime and composite numbers. We are now into working with negative numbers and the four different operations with those numbers. We have also began simple algebra equations solving for the variable. In 6th grade math, we are piloting a new series titled, Illustrative Mathematics. Students have been learning geometry and solving area for parallelograms and triangles. We have also discussed polygons with surface area and volume. The next unit the children will start learning about ratios and creating ratio tables. It's been a great time in 6th grade math!!!

1/2 Way... NO WAY!

We are 1/2 way through the 1st marking period so parents and students in 3rd-6th grade please take a moment to check Powerschool for updated grades. Checking grades with your child makes them more accountable for their work and eliminates unwelcome "surprises" on report cards.

Building Healthy Communities Grant News

Ms. Sam from Building Healthy Communities began her monthly lessons this week with our students during their ISM time. This less was teaching our student to make healthy eating choices. Students got to make healthy exercise movements as they answered questions!! Please take a moment and check out their October Newsletter below and look on Facebook for pictures from the lessons!

BHC Health Weekly Announcements

For the Weekend Friday- Did you know your body has lots of water in it? you lost water all throughout the day without even noticing it. For the weekend try to focus on drinking water!

Mindful Monday- We always need to be mindful of our actions, but sometimes we fall short. Think of the week to come and decide how you would like it to go.

Tell Your Neighbor Tuesday- Vegetables are very healthy of our bodies, my favorite vegetables is ___________. Tell your neighbor your favorite vegetable.

Wacky Fact Wednesday- A bunch of bananas is called a hand!

Think About It Thursday- We should be eating each food group every day. That means you should eat fruit, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy foods. Think about it as you pick your food for your meals today.

September/October Dates To Know


3rd- Snack Cart

4th- School Store & World Smile Day

7th- Bus Evacuation Practice

8th- 6th Grade Camp Tamarack

10th- Snack Cart

14th- Columbus Day

16th- 5th Grade @ DIA

17th- Snack Cart

18th- School Store & Rink Night (5:00-7:00)

24th- Snack Cart

26th- Make A Difference Day

31st- 1/2 Day Halloween 12:04 Dismissal


5th- No School- Election Day

12th- Picture Retake Day

13th- Conferences

14th- 1/2 day of school 12:04 Dismissal

14th- Conferences

27th-29th- No School Thanksgiving Break

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Halloween Costume Guidelines

With October knocking on our door and the excitement of picking out a Halloween costume please keep in mind the following:

All of us at Havel work diligently to teach children how to solve problems in a non-violent way. For Halloween we do not want to see children dressed as perpetrators or victims of violence. This includes props and accessories related to blood, gore, and weapons. Parent, please monitor your child’s costume choices. Keep in mind we don’t want our youngest students frightened by gory or scary costumes. Those should absolutely be avoided. Students whose costume may be too much for our younger students may be asked to not wear their mask or possibly not participate in the parade.

Halloween Treats

All of our classrooms are peanut and tree nut safe. As is our building practice, no CANDY CONTAINING these ingredients will be allowed. As Halloween gets closer, please contact your child's teacher for specific items/food that may be needed for the party. HOMEMADE GOODS are not allowed in the classrooms. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for all our students.
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