Things to do before I die...

by. Audrey Clendenin

#1 (in no particular order)- Hug a kangaroo in the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Australia

I have always wanted to hug a kangaroo. It would take 19 hours and 17 minutes to get there from Texas. The animals are in a 'natural bush setting' in a small forest. There are many trees so that the animals can play and hide. The Featherdale Wildlife Park also lets you have a face-to-face encounter with a koala. Physical weathering would happen here and the force of erosion would be water because of the rainfall.
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#2- canoe down Lake Agassiz in the northern part of America.

I have only canoed once and I ran into a rock and almost sunk the boat but I would like to canoe down the lake with my brother because he is so competitive. We would have a race, and I would win. The water is really blue and there are many bird species that live along the side of the lake so the sounds of them singing will be beautiful. It is a glacial Lake so it was created by Physical weathering. The force of erosion would be the glacier. ( of course)
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#3- Ski down Mount. Everest...

I would like to ski down mount Everest with four of my friends so it is not too crowded. Having more than four friends would make us ski into each other and we might die. Mount Everest is in the Himalayan Mountains. It would take six to nine weeks to travel from the bottom of the mountain to the top. The type of weathering would be physical and the force of erosion would be wind.
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#4- Hand feed the deer in Japan...

I really want to hand feed the deer in Japan. They bite sometimes but it is probably because they think you have food. The type of weathering in Japan is physical and the the force of erosion is running water because it rains so much. It would take a 13 hour and 39 minute flight from Texas to Japan if the plane is going 500 miles per hour.
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Feeding Deer in Nara Park, Japan

#5- Zip line in Puerto Rico.

I think it would be amazing to go zip lining in Puerto Rico. On The website for the trip, they make it pretty clear that you won't die when you are flying through the air. There is a large forest underneath the line so the type of weathering is Physical. The main force of erosion would be rain. When it rains, the water joins together and runs down the slopes of the forest taking dirt with it. It is very foggy most of the time there so you can't see where the end of the rope is, making it more fun to ride on.
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