By Jonathan Kachala

How Do They Happen?

The Earth is made out of plates. Plates are giant chunks of the earth made out of rock. When they cullied they hit and fight and sometimes they make earthqaukes some of them can be devastating. But most of the time we can't feel the earthquakes.

Where do they happen?

Earthquakes happen underground and they also happen in California they have a falt line right though the middle. They can happen anywhere around the world they can happen anytime. Earthqaukes mostly happen on falt lines. Falt lines are what separate the tectonic plates.

What Damage do They Cause?

Earthquakes do lots of damage, they are very dangerous. They can destroy buildings and they even kill People. But most of them are not that dangerous. There are about 500,000 earthquakes a year!. There was a very strong one in Alaska,it was the second largest in the world. It was a very very big earthquake it was on a day called good Friday. I guess that Friday was not so good.

The Richter scale?

The Richter scale is a tool that scientists use to measure how high or bad the earthquake was for example a 9.2 earthquake is really big that was the second largest in the world. The highest earthquake was a 9.5 it distoryed many houses and buildings it was very divastating it killed 830,000 people. It was huge it happens in 1554.

How To Reduce The Impact On Humans?

One way to reduce the impact is to have a first aid kit with flash light and extra battery's and some food and water and you should also have a battery powered radio. You should have a plan for your family too. You should also remove all the heavy objects from high places. If there is a earthquake out of nowhere one can get under so something sturdy.