I Pad Apps

Garage Band

  • On garage band you can make music along with voice recording.
  • You can choose from the following instruments......keyboard, drums, guitar amp, audio recorder (this records your voice), sampler, smart drums, smart strings, smart bass, smart keyboard, and smart guitar.
  • You can share your garage band through facebook, youtube, sound cloud, iMovie, iTunes, via mail, and also make it your ringtone.

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  • On the app iMovie you can make a trailer or make a movie.
  • There are lots of themes to choose from, for example there is scary, super hero, retro, teen, and many more.
  • You can share this movie or trailer to camera roll, youtube, facebook, vimeo, CNNiReport, and iTunes.
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Haiku Deck

  • On Haiku deck you can make a slide show with pictures in the back round and text on the front!!!
  • To share your Haiku deck you just go to the main menu then press share, then you can choose to emil, facebook, twitter, or export it.
  • On Haiku deck you can import your own photos for the back round.
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  • Corkulous is a cork board where you can type things.
  • You can use a piece of paper and tape, sticky notes (Your choice of color), reminder notes, note cards, contacts, photos, and an arrow. You can have all of this filled with information on your board.
  • On this app you can send via email, export, save to photos, save it as a template, export tasks todo, and print.
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