Roanoke Island

The Lost Colony By: Iris Hendrick, Lauren Alley

The Lost Colony The Predictions, The Myths, and Many More

The Lost Colony. There are many myths and predictions of the colony. Many lies, many truths but who can you believe? Are you going to call the dead to get the answer? Are you going to listen to the lies?You think you know the truth but you don't. Strange writings on trees and wood. The Lost Colony is located off the coast of North Carolina.
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Spicy Predictions of The Lost Colony

There are many predictions of the Lost Colony. Some are not true but others are. One prediction is that the people were took to be slaves or to be to tortured. They either starved to death or got ate by other animals. The Indians could have killed them all or moved them into North America. Some people think that they just disappeared into thin air. Some people think that they abandoned the colony and killed themselves. Some is that the were killed by diseases. Some say that they were killed by storms.

Hardy Hardships

If you think you you have really bad hardships think twice. Here is hardships for the Lost Colony people disappearing. There everyday life is way different than ours. They had to go out and gather their food unlike us. The had to work to live, but we don't.