Say No To Drugs

It makes you sick


For everyone-Excessive Acne, Mood swings,paranoia,and Roid Rage. For Men-Testicles may shrink ,breasts may develop. For Women-growth of Facial hair and Chest hair voice deepens.

Powder and Pills

PILLS and POWDER is in storids. Storids are bad for you because it will make hair on your face and breasts may develop.

Storids do not do it

This sign is for the people who r doing storids but are not susposed to. They make people do wierd things and you can die from thease drugs

pills look fun but they are not

i picked the heart shaped pills because people think there fun but they are bad for you they make you get muscler and they make you have faceil hair and cheast hair so please i whoulde't do drugs if i were you