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A Weekly Newsletter for Warrior Families and Students

AUGUST 8, 2019

Welcome Back WARRIOR Families & Students!

We are looking forward to having students back in the building. Last year was momentus for our community with record setting championship wins and student accomplishments.

We are excited to see what the 19/20 school year brings!

In addition, we look forward to the partnership with our students and their families. Communication is key to our partnership and we will do our best to keep you informed via our website, telephone and text messages, email, Twitter, Facebook, and Infinite Campus. Please help us by updating your contact information in Infinite Campus.

Contact us with any questions:

Student Services 262-971-1790 ext. 4509

Activities 262-971-1790 ext. 4523

Here's to a great year!

Todd Irvine

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All day. Every Day.

Students are expected to be on time and in attendance regularly.

Please report absences before 9:00 am, 262-971-1790.

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Unassigned parking spaces are back...by popular demand!

A total of 541 students completed the parking survey, 166 Seniors, 177 Juniors, and 198 Sophomores. 411 students prefer unassigned spots compared to 130 who prefer assigned spots.

More information about parking registration, permits, and student lots is available online.

Forms & Fees Day

August 14, 2019

8:00 am - 6:00 pm in the MHS Cafeteria

Click Here for detailed information.

Health Office

Tracy Staudacher

District Nurse

Office: 262-971-1790 Ext. 4535

Fax: 262-679-5222

Text: 262-710-0515


Cell Phone Use & Digital Citizenship

A focus at our school this year is on improving digital citizenship, which includes the appropriate use of cell phones during the school day. In an effort to increase student engagement and promote a positive learning environment, MHS has increased its focus on appropriate cell phone use during school hours. Providing guidelines for responsible cell phone use promotes classroom engagement, encourages academic honesty, and develops positive classroom and social interactions. For more information, review the Policy 5136 - Personal Communication Device.

Links to information on Teens and Cell Phone Use & Discussion Topics:

  • Pros of responsible cell phone use during the school day and in life.

  • Positives of taking a break from cell phones for mental health and wellness.

  • The importance of planning ahead for rides to and from school, activities, etc.

  • Appropriate times to use a cell phone during the school day.

Warriors Welcome

September 11th

5:00 - 7:00 pm in the Performing Arts Centers

Experience a day in the life of an MHS student. Walk through the student's current schedule and meet each teacher. During these short 10 minute class periods teachers will share important information about course expectations, accessing support and resources and the best ways to stay informed about academic progress in the class.

A Fresh New Look to One of Our Hallways!