All About Me

Gabby Pollock

What kind of food I like

I basically like italian food, Pizza, And some other foods.

What is my favorite sports teams

my favorite teams are the Texans and the Panthers.

My favorite animal

My favorite animal has got to be the panda.

My favorite quote

"We were born to be real not perfect" That's my favorite quote because nobody's perfect and you were born to be who you are and not somebody that is not you.

My favorite movies

My favorite movies are Big hero 6, Inside Out, The host, Hairspray (not the old version), Cloudy Of A Chance Of Meatballs 2, Book Of Life, And The Sandlot,

My Family

Keyden is my only sibling and hes 18

My pets

I have 4 pets I have 2 chunky dogs Salem and Cyclone, 1 puppy named Rogue shes a little feisty, And then we have our cat charlie who doesn't really do anything but go outside come back in and eat or sleep


I don't have that many hobbies I love watching football with my dad, playing with my dogs, And Playing my brothers play station 4.

Favorite place I want to visit

Some of the places I would really like to visit are Brazil, Monte Carlo, Italy, France, California, and Colorado.

My favorite songs

Some of my favorite songs are Weekend by Mac Miller, Kitchen Sink by 21 pilots, Jessie's girl by Rick Springfield, And Took a pill by Mike Posner.