The Sinking Of The Titanic

The titanic was a steamboat that sunk by hitting a iceberg

The Titanic

On April 25 1912 the titanic was going to hit a iceberg. At 11:40 p.m Frederick Fleet seen it he sounded the three-bell alarm the Titanic couldn't turn in time it was to big. The titanic finally hit a iceberg a few hours later at 2:45 a.m the titanic had sunk. The Atlantic water was 28 degrees. 1523 people lost their lives and only 705 people survived The titanic was 60.5 feet tall and 175 adding the top of the funnels the length was 882 feet.

There was only 20 life boats only 47 people could fit in one. The first class were the first ones to get on the life boats. Most people just jumped off the sinking boat and froze to death. And the was some things that happened when then titanic sunk.

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