my beginning adventrtue of choir

Whenever I was in my 3rd grade class my teacher wanted me to try out for choir,and I did.My teacher had told me that I had a beautiful voice being on pitch. A song that I can really sing on perfect pitch is the song stay by Sugarland its really good song .Whenever I sing it I go right on pitch.In most songs I have to go and look at the first note and go on looking at the notes but on stay by Sugarland I don’t have to I go on with the flow, it’s a song that really has me going.  It’s one of those song that just goes to your heart.

The right song

I’m one of those kinds of people that don’t like to sing just any song. I like to sing songs that I know I can sing and that I know it’s going to go well with my pitch. Most time I usually know what song to sing because I’ve either herd it on the country radio or my sisters would sing it. I really love country music.

now (:

I think that I will be sticking into choir I really enjoy having choir this past 6 years ,