Civil Rights Movement

Charlie Derksen

Civil rights movement - Reforging a nation

The Civil Rights movement has had an exponential affect on how equal and just our society is in that from lynchings and other cruel ways blacks were tortured and executed in south; we now have laws against segregation, and public opinion about blacks is much better. The rest of this will explain important people and events which led this country to what it is today.

Tactics of the movement

Many leaders of the movement followed the well known Martin Luther King Jr. and used non-violence to get rid of racial segregation and discrimination, similar to what Gandhi did. The idea was not to be aggressive with the body, but with the soul. They thought if enough people in the northern parts of the country saw how the blacks were being treated in the south, change could happen.

Another tactic was a boycott, which took place in Montgomery four days after the well known Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat on a bus to a white man. Mlk took forth in organizing the boycott on the city's transit system, which it continued for over a year. The buses were desegregated on December 21, 1956, showing that with a nonviolent approach and patience

Marches were also a very powerful way of civil disobedience, as the march on Washington proved to be a profound moment.

People of the movement

Emmett Till was a 14 year old black teenager who was brutally killed by two white men on August 28, 1955. His death sparked the resistance which would be known as the Civil rights movement.

Dorothy Height

In 1957, Height was the president of the National Council of Negro Women. During the 60's she organized an event called "Wednesdays in Mississippi" which brought white and black women together.
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Top 5 events

5# The death of Emmett Till. His death sparked an upsurge in south which came to be the Civil rights movement
4# Rosa Parks. Her incident on the bus sparked the Montgomery Bus boycott, which proved successful.
3# The Little rock nine. Nine black students attended an all white school which got national attention.
2# SNCC was founded in 1960
1# Mlks's "I have a dream speech was the most famous incident of the whole movement.