By. Maria Guerrero


Addictions are habits we can't control.Its something we are willing to do anything for and can ruin many things in your and others life.

Self-harm addiction

People sometimes hurt themselves due to depression,stress,or pain sometimes from their emotions.This feeling sometimes doesn't go away and it just lingers on and sometimes people do this to relieve them from this,but for only a short amount of time.

Why can't they stop this addiction

It's not that simple.Things get better later on in life,but people who hurt themselves get used to doing this over and over they get an urge to do it again and it won't go away until they do it and they feel relief,but it'll start over from scratch and build its way up again.

Why is this important

A lot of people young and old go through some things and they start hurting themselves and both get addicted to doing this,it's not just teenagers,but adults as well.

How can we stop this addiction?

Addictions don't usually go away,but we can get help.Tell a friend an adult anyone you feel comfortable talking to and ask them for help.

Examples of self-harm

Cutting,burning,pinching anything that hurts your body

How does this addiction effect you and others?

This addiction is very serious it can lead to injuries that can effect your life and sometimes can lead to death,the people around you will be effected as well.You can lose your happiness,control over yourself, and many other things.The people around you,will be upset.