Rogier Van der Weyden



  • Born in Tourna
  • Father of four children
  • Religious and portrait painter
  • Weyden neither signed nor dated his work so Little is known about the life of Rogier van der Weyden but he is considered one of the founders of the Early Netherlandish school of painting along with Jan Van Eyck
  • Student of Robert Campin
  • Official painter of Brussels
  • Weyden's most popular pieces: The Descent of Christ from the Cross and Lamentation

The Descent from the Cross

Created: 1435

This piece can be found at the Museo del Prado, A spanish art museum. The work of art was an attempt to create a masterpiece that would help establish a reputation for Weyden. I choose this picture because of the symbolism. The emotion portrayed by the weeping mourners grieving over Christ's body amplifies the story behind the painting . Every stroke of the painting brush is visible. Although, Many of Rogiers van der Weydens works exemplified the "ism" but mostly resembles his religious faith be beliefs towards christianity.


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