By: Celia Cruz

Cuba and its Special features

The Cuba flag

You make a square the a triangle then 3 strips blue white blue white. There is a star in the triangle.

Countries that border Cuba

U.S.A, Mexico, Jamaica, and Bahamas, Hinti

Special Customs of Cuba

Two special dances in Cuba are the Cha Cha and the salsa. some people like to stay at the streets and sing songs.
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Symbols of Cuba

One of the symbols of Cuba is Havana.

Costumes worn in Cuba

Most people in Cube are nurse and doctors

Foods in Cuba

One famous food in Cuba is there sandwiches and their shopping malls are big.


A famous hoilday is the midnight mass


Cuba is a very small island it is around some of the coolest places. Like
  • Florida
  • North America
  • West Indies
This place called Cuba has many people living there. Their is about 12,000,000 people living there. They speck Spanish. One of the most amazing animal is the bee hummingbird. It is the worlds smallest bird. One of the most famous holiday is The Midnight Mass. It is celebrated on Christmas. People come to see Christmas shows. As you can see Cuba is a really cool place, you would really like to go.
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