Teacher Newsletter

November 2014

Teacher of the Month

Ms. Hannah

Ms. Hanna is a lead teacher for the Young Preschool classroom at our Lansing, MI location. She is an inspiring, hard working, and dedicated employee. Ms. Hanna comes to work every day with a smile on her face and creativity flowing through her. She has so many great ideas for projects and activities for her students. It is fun to watch the children grow and learn with her. This is a picture of Ms. Hanna with Ilijah, her student, milking a cow in the classroom.

Furthering Your Education


Experts Shed Light on Importance of Early Childhood Education

By Celia Isaac, Rasmussen College, published October 22, 2014

Americans are talking about early childhood education (ECE). We’ve long known critical brain development happens before children reach kindergarten. Now, more and more research is revealing that the earlier children receive quality education can make a huge difference in later success both in their personal lives and in terms of academic achievement.

As educators, politicians and parents realize the long-term benefits of beginning education earlier in life, we starting to prioritize younger ages. This research has even attracted the attention of President Obama, who noted the importance of ECE in his 2013 State of the Union address. These trends come as no surprise to those who work in the early childhood education field. Advocates have long promoted the importance of ECE. We talked to experts in the field to go beyond the statistics and learn how ECE can positively change the course of a child’s life, the benefits to our country and the growing need for qualified early childhood educators.

ECE: Why it’s important to the future

ECE puts children on a path for lifelong learning and studies have shown children who don't have the benefit of early education experience difficulties. “Children learn more in the first five years than any other point in life,” says Jamie Wendt, M.Ed., higher education early childhood instructor and ECE adjunct instructor at Rasmussen College. “By giving children developmentally appropriate early childhood education experiences and nurturing environments, it allows for social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language development.”

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Currently active in 23 states, T.E.A.C.H. is designed to help the Early Childhood industry as a whole address education, compensation and turnover issues that affect the field by helping ease the cost of furthering employee’s education. It also leads to higher quality care for our families, because teachers will be more familiar with best practices. T.E.A.C.H and Rainbow partner together to help cover some of the cost of tuition, books, and related education expenses as well as compensating employees for the time spent doing schoolwork in the form of release time and providing employees with bonuses as they finish classes and programs.

After speaking with your Program Director to check to meet that the employee meets the criteria to be eligible, call T.E.A.C.H. at 866-648-3224 for an application.