The Case of The Deadly Desperados

By Caroline Lawrence

Deadly Desperados Book Summary

The Case of the Deadly Desperados by Caroline Lawrence. It was a good mystery and never got dry. Caroline Lawrence gives great descriptions on the Wild West. She gives the reader a taste of the Wild West.

PK Pinkerton is half Sioux Indian and is half american, and is a very courageous boy. In the beginning of the story PK walks into his foster parents house and sees his foster parents dead and scalped but his foster mom is still alive and can talk to him about who did this and why they did this. She said that Desperados did and they did it because they have a valuable letter that could make them very rich. PK’s original parents are dead, desperados were after the letter and will take anybody out to get that letter. They chase him all around town up mountains and down mountains.Finally PK lost them and finds himself in a dark cage and a pit with boiling water. The only thing for lite is a single match and a oil lantern. Walt separates from his pards and finds PK in the cave. pk covered the pit with boiling water with a blanket so walt thought it was just a rug. walt asked for the letter and PK refuses to give it to hm. PK rips up the letter and throws it at the ground. Walt takes takes out a seven shooter and shoots PK in the left shoulder. Walt moves forward and falls down the into the boiling pit of water. Walt dies. One of PK’s older friend Sam finds PK and brings him outside. PK decides to lives in Virginia City.

Character Traits

The character I chose to do the trait on is PK Pinkerton. The trait I chose to describe him is courages. He is one courageous boy because he moved by himself to Virginia City, one wild place to be; especially as a boy. He is also courages because Deadly Desperados were shooting at him why he was running from them. He was shot by a 7 shooter pistol was almost killed by Whittlin Walt and his pards. Here is a brief description on him being courages “Carefully and deliberately, I tore up the document giving the Bare right 2 half of Virginia City and the Layer of silver frosting beneath it. Then I let all the tiny pieces flutter down to my feet. No! yelled Walt. And then he did something I had not been expecting. He reached into his pocket with his good right hand and pulled out a gun. It was my own Smith&Wesson’s 7 shooter and he was pointing it straight at me. This is what I was thinking: that Smith&Wesson’s 7 shooter can’t hit me, But if it could wing him with his revolver I would not be killing him. So I reached for the big, bone handled Colt. A gunshot rang out. At the same moment I felt like someone had punched me hard, and I fell to the ground.” This is how courages Pk is he followed what his foster ma told him to do and gave no one the letter and took a bullet for it.

Story Place in time

1. The Civil war Battle of the Monitor and the Marimak on March,9 the engagement of the Ironclads. (1862)

2. Union General Sherman moved from Georgia to South carolina, destroying everything in his path. February 1865.
3. Mark Twain publishes “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 1884.

4. (Jan,22) Queen Elizabeth dies, Edward VII is Crowned. 1901

5. World population surpasses 1.5 billion people! 850 live in Asia. 1910.

6. The Korean War begins, 1950.

7. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered, 1963

8. March 1, Unites States declares that whale hunting is illegal. 1970

9. Van halen 19th best selling band/artist in United States History. 1980

10. George Bush sworn in; 43 president. 2001

11. Obama re-elected. 2012

Deadly Desperados spotlight on history

Caroline Lawrence actually makes you feel like you are in the wild west by using similes and hyperbole you are always thinking you are in the wild west “As the stage left Dayton we came to that new toll road that goes up through Gold Canyon.” pg 26. She makes her readers think there in the stage coach actually passing by things.

The way she writes is incredible and leaves you on your seat because she is so great with words. “As Sam Clemens drew his revolver, I slid under the heavy wooden table as fast as a greased snake down a gopher hole,” pg. 80.

She makes you feel like you are walking the dusty walkway of the west. “A light dusting of snow showed their tracks as plain as day.” pg 126. I like this sentence a lot I actually think I was walking the snowy dusty walkway.

When she talks about people in the saloons she makes the reader feel like they are at the saloon with the other characters. “I dragged my chair next to Jaces and sat on it. Then I tipped it back and put my feet on the table. I tried to shade my eyes like he was doing but a plug hat does not have a wide enough brim.