By Marcus Grant

Voting Registration Procedures And Requirements

Steps In Voting

Election Day

To vote you must go to the polling place in your precinct for Election Day, when you arrive you can study a sample ballot posted near the entrance. Once inside, you write your name and address and sigh an application form at the clerk's table. The clerk reads your name aloud and passes the form to a challenger's table. Then you got to the voting booth where you hand the application form to an judge and then cast your ballot by a voting machine,

Votes Behaivor

Who votes and who doesn't

People who vote have positive attitudes toward government and citenzship. These people are the middle aged citizens or people of higher education.People who don't vote are the ones who do not meet state requirement's, or they have not registered after changing residences. Some people don't vote because they do not think that any of the candidates represent their feelings on issues, or they think it wont make a difference.

straight ticket vs. split ticket

A straight ticket ,is a ballot voting for all the candidates in one political party. A split ticket is a ballot choosing some candidates from one party or some from another

Ballot Fatigue

A ballot fatigue is when there are several names on a political ballot, and voters choose to ignore some candidates when there are too many choices

Voter Information List and Amendments On Voting

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  1. 1870 Fifthteenth Amendment- Prohibits denying a person's right to vote on the basis of race.
  2. 1920 Nineteeth Amendment- Gurantees women the right to vote
  3. 1961 Twenty-Third Amendment- Residents of District of Columbia given the right to vote
  4. 1964 Twenty-Fourth Amendment- Outlaws poll tax in national elections
  5. Twenty-Sixth Amendment- Minimum voting age reduced to 18 for all elections

Timeline Of Suffrage In The U.S

  • 1924 Congressional Act
  • 1944 Smith vs Allwright
  • 1957 Civil Rights Act of 1957
  • 1960 Civil Rights Acts of 1960
  • 1965 Voting Rights Actof 1965
  • 1970 Voting Rights Act Amendments of 1970
  • 2006 Votings Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006