Crabapple Crossing Elementary

Principal's Newsletter

May 19, 2017

Dr. Rachel Williams, Principal

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From the Principal

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe we have four more days to spend with your children. This has been one of the best years ever. Academically and socially our students have thrived. We are receiving preliminary Georgia Milestones data and our numbers are outstanding. Of course, proficiency rates continue to maintain at a steady level, but what I am most proud of is our student growth. Taking students from where they are in August and moving them up until May is an ongoing conversation we have here regularly. Proficiency is no longer good enough. Now, we focus more on advancing our children in an academic year. I can say for the most part we have done an outstanding job with that and I cannot wait to share specific numbers once our data is final this summer. Stay tuned!

We had such a fantastic Field Day and I want to thank everyone for their support. Our PE team, Mr. Abel and Mrs. Lubatkin, did a great job prepping the field and make our festivities for students quite enjoyable. The atmosphere was great! Parents, you showed up and assisted at each and every turn. Thank you! I hope you enjoy a few photos below.

We look forward to seeing you next week at class parties. Please join us if you can.

Parking for Class Parties

Parents, please refrain from parking at the Braeburn Office Park and nearby retail shops when you attend your child's end of the year class party. Businesses at this location have limited parking spaces which are needed for their customers.

If you park at the church, you cannot park in any numbered spaces. Those spaces are reserved for Milton students as they have paid a fee to park there. Please keep this in mind when you join us next week.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Yearbooks Available

Please see the separate attached flyer if you would like to get a yearbook and did not pre-order.

End of year reminders

Media Center Books

All library books should have been returned to the Media Center. Notices went home this week if a student still has an outstanding book due to the Media Center. Please contact Jessica Jackson with questions:

Cafeteria Charges

No charges will be allowed in the cafeteria for the remainder of the school year. All charges must be paid by May 24, 2017.

Medications in Clinic

Please remember to pick up any student medications from the clinic by the last day of school, Thursday, May 25th. Fulton County policy does not allow medications to be stored over the summer. Any medications not picked up will be discarded.

Lost & Found

If you can't find your child's belongings - lunchbox, coat, sweater or jacket, please stop by the school and check the lost and found located by the gym. Any remaining items not claimed will be donated to various charities.

Summer Reading

Our Colts are so proud of their reading successes this year! We encourage our CCES families to participate in Summer Reading to continue supporting the proud readers they have become! Children who actively read during the summer months are able to sustain (and often grow) their reading level. Children who do not, can lose 2-3 months of progress. Please use the resources and links on our Summer Reading webpage to access free eBooks and learn more about Summer Reading Programs at our Milton Public Library and in our community.


This year, many classes were using Seesaw, an online portfolio system, to share and showcase student work with parents. As the school year draws to an end, many of these class files will be archived and your chance to download a copy of your student's work is limited. If you have previously created a parent account to access your student's work, you will have approximately sixty days after the end of the school year to download any copies of your student's work before it is removed permanently from cloud storage. Please take a look at the following document to learn how to make a copy before it is too late.

FCS Strategic Plan 2022


Please click on the link below to view the draft of the FCS Strategic Plan 2022. A short video was also shared on Twitter last Friday by Dr. Williams. If you would like to give input, feel free to do so. There is an email address located on page one in the golden shaded area at the bottom.

K/New Student Registration for Fall 2017

Registration for the rest of the school year: May 15-18 , from 9–12, T, W, Th only

Summer registration hours beginning May 29th: Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8 - 1

Note: No student may register unless all required documents are in hand.

See website for: Paperwork required for Kindergarten Students

If you cannot register right away, help us plan for your child.

Send an e-mail to with your child's name and grade.

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Student Release Days 2017-18

CCES will have three full student release days for the 2017-2018 school year. These dates are: September 1, October 5, and March 8. All of these dates coincide with a long weekend. Please keep in mind, student attendance has an impact on our school score; otherwise, known as CCRPI. We strongly encourage you to take a look at the FCS calendar and make plans for extended vacations on these dates if possible. Our SGC strategically picked these dates to align with Milton and Northwestern; therefore, all students are out of school making travel easier for our families. We appreciate your consideration as we strive to make student attendance a priority.

Upcoming Events

5/22 4th grade party - 12 pm

5/22 1st grade party - 1 pm

5/23 2nd grade party - 1 pm

5/24 3rd grade party - 9 am

5/24 Kindergarten party - 1 pm

5/24 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

5/25 Last Day of School