Cynthia Lord

Is it David's disability keeping people away, or is it Catherine's own attitude? Find out in the book Rules!

Book Cover Analysis (Emma Jansky)

Cynthia Lord is the author of Rules. The book cover of Rules is a fish, and duck in a fishtank. Cynthia may have chosen this cover because one of the first rules the author gives us is, “not toys in the fish tank!” This rule is one of the most brought up rules in the whole book. That is why I think Cynthia Lord chose this cover. The title of the book is Rules. This title was chosen because a girl named Catherine has a brother named David. David is autistic, the only way he will behave is if he has rules to go by. Catherine has a whole book full of rules that she tells David and is still adding on. Rules are the main point of the book, so the title fits the book perfectly.

Caden Rutzinski-Vocab and Figurative Language


  1. Murky-dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist. When Catherine walked over to Kristie's house in the morning, it was very murky outside.
  2. Occupational Therapy-a form of therapy for people that have physical or mental illness that encourages rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in daily life. Three times a week, David goes to occupational therapy to get help for his mental illness.
  3. Hesitate-pausing before saying or doing something, especially when you're uncertain. Catherine hesitated to invite David to dinner when the new neighbors were coming.
  4. Cassette-a sealed plastic unit that contains a length of audiotape, videotape, film,etc. At David’s favorite comic book store, he saw cassettes and started to play them outloud in front of everyone.


Figurative Language :

Hyperbole- Kristi was being so mean to Catherine that she almost cried.

Simile- David was tough as a nail when Ryan didn't give him gum just because of his disability.

Metaphor- Jason told Catherine to break a leg on the dance floor for the charity dance.

Idiom- Catherine thought something fishy was going on when david was acting good at the neighbor's house.

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Nick Brunsch-Quotes

“What if David spills something on his shorts and takes them off in front of everyone?” (page 61)

This proves Catherine and her family not to get embarrassed and they do not want David to come to their neighbors party. So they are discussing whether or not he should come. It can sometimes be hard to live with a person with autism in your family because it can cause a lot of stress. You have to be on the lookout a lot because you will never know what will happen.

“David loves rules, so I use those to teach him.” (page 71)

This provides David to listen and behave in public. David, Catherine and their mom are at the clinic and waiting for David's checkup. While there waiting, Catherine goes over some rules that are important. These rules are important because it will not only embarrass her family, but everyone else will be concerned.

“Bring fine money” (page 51)

This provides Catherine to remember to turn in her fine money. In the story, she mentions other reminders. Catherine is writing these reminders on sticky notes before she goes to school. It is also a good idea because you do not want your homework to be late or negative in lunch money.

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Grace Essmann- About the Author

The Author of the book rules is Cynthia Lord. A little bit about Cynthia is she grew up in New Hampshire, she also wrote many plays and musicals. After college she became a teacher, she taught first and sixth grade. She had many pets when she was younger she had a dog named peanut, and she also has a guinea pig named cookie. Currently she has a dog named Milo, Milo is half pomeranian half maltese. And two bunnies, blueberry and muffin. And that's a little bit about Cynthia Lord.
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