Special News

Ms. Rhodes is HERE!

Ms. Rhodes is HERE!

As I'm sure you know by now, if your kiddo is home...Ms. Rhodes is here! She visited us today and we will continue the transition tomorrow. She will officially start on Monday. Ms Rhodes and I, will be working extra hard this weekend to make sure she is squared away. Of course there will be an adjustment period, a few changes, and some general "how are we doing this now" questions, but the students are excited and they are in good hands!

What about grades?

Yesterday, I was granted access and even got a chance to input 2 assignments. However, access was taken away, due to the transition. So, I was unable to input all the grades. As soon as Ms. Rhodes is updated in the system, I will be able to enter all the grades. What does this mean...Progress reports may not go home tomorrow. You will see them Monday.

Hispanic Heritage Celebration.

Mr. Dominguez and I will still host the event. I will collaborate with Ms. Rhodes and keep you informed.


It was a pleasure starting the school year off with your children. They are truly wonderful! Please remind them everyday how smart and special they are. Remind them that numbers on a piece of paper don't define them. My wish for them is to continue to be engaged in their learning and continue to be inquisitive. Let 'em know it's okay to make mistakes. That's how we learn! I wish them their own personal successes this year and all the years to come. Happy Learning!

Mrs. Charles

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