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Abbie Benner

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"The Department of Public Safety is committed to providing a safe and secure environment by consistently seeking and finding ways to promote, preserve, and deliver a feeling of security, safety, and quality of service to the campus, its employees, students and to the community to which it serves."

Dance Program

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Courtney Benner

"Abbie is very responsible! Whenever we had dance competitions together and I would forget something I could always count of Abbie to have extra! She is also responsible because whenever Abbie would miss dance rehearsal she would always come to the next rehearsal knowing what she missed."


When I was little I remember sitting in the car and having my mom ask me if I still want to dance. She told me that I could quit if I wanted to and that I could do whatever I wanted and as long as it made me happy. I remember sitting there thinking about if dance is what I really wanted to do with my life. Now looking back on that moment I have no doubt in my mind that dance is what I want to do and what is going to make me happy.