Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Born October 17,1973. He lived with his mother in countless states until they moved to detroit when he was 12. He never knew his father who had abandoned his family when he was an infant. His mother struggled to hold down a job for more than a few months and this forced them to live in several different housing projects.


Changing States and Cities so often meant that Eminem's education was never stable and because of it he dropped out of ninth grade at the age of 17. However he soon started to express him self through music.

Making a name

After dropping out Eminem started becoming serious about h is rapping and started forcing himself on to talk shows. He was flat out broke and started rapping about it. Many of his topics were about not knowing where he would live next week.

Album Release

He realized his first album on November 12, 1996 the name of the Album was infinite. Soon after the release his mother sued him for 10million dollars for a defamation lawsuit. It was settled in court for $25,000.

Achieving Goals

If he had never had the upbringing that he has experienced his underlying rapping talent probably would never of been discovered. Also his raps would of lacked relatable topics for other people in Detroit in the late 90's. Eminem didn't dwell on the series of unfortunate advents that made up his life but turned them in to music and shared them.

"Evil Deeds"

Father please forgive me for I know not what I do
I just never had the chance to ever meet you
Therefore I did not know that I would grow to be
My mother's evil seeding do these evil deeds