Pattern envelope

Learn how to use a pattern envelope

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Choosing Your Size

Select the right size for the person who will wear the garment. If it's for you, have a friend measure you first.Do keep in mind that the units you choose for measurement should not change as it may cause confusion while stitching. Remember, it will not necessarily be the same size as the ready-to-wear clothing you already own, as pattern sizing can vary considerably from what you're used to wearing. Look on the back of the pattern envelope and determine your size by the "finished" measurements it provides.
  • Most pattern companies follow an international code for sizes.

Different Cutting Layouts

Pattern symbols


To ensure full enjoyment of your sewing, Marfy sewing patterns are all cut and prepared by hand on tissue paper, in the size the customer has chosen among those available, and are ready to be set on the fabrics for cutting. This is a distinctive feature that we created and makes even more unique Marfy patterns.
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